Karl Holz

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Euro Disney SCA

Why did you choose to settle in France?

Euro Disney chose to settle in Val d’Europe, in the Ile-de-France region, for obvious reasons.
First, its very central location in the heart of Western Europe.
Second, the attractiveness of Paris, the most visited city in the world.
Third, the very large population and the employment area of the Ile-de-France region, the most populated region in the country, where 1 out of 6 people in France live.

Finally, the public-private partnership between Disney and French Public Parties that was founded twenty years ago is an enabler of dynamic tourist activity, as well as a tremendous opportunity to create and develop the new town of Val d'Europe.

This new town has grown during the past ten years into a dynamic economic, commercial and residential alternative East of Paris, with continued strong development potential.

What are the advantages of this specific region?

Val d'Europe benefits from exceptional accessibility: the town is located only 35 minutes or 20 miles from the center of Paris, and the transportation infrastructure in the area is capable of handling more than 14.5 million visits a year to our resort, and of supporting the economic development of Val d'Europe’s urban center.
Val d'Europe and the resort are effectively serviced by an express metropolitan train system ("RER") providing a direct link to Paris, and the high-speed train network ("TGV") with the largest TGV station in France in terms of the number of interconnections. The TGV enables Val d'Europe to be linked to all major French cities, as well as London in only 2h15 – not to mention Brussels, Amsterdam and major German urban centers.
By plane, access is also convenient, since the two international airports of Paris are not far away: Paris-Charles De Gaulle - which is the N° 1 European airport hub in terms of traffic - is just a short 8-minute TGV ride away from Val d'Europe, and Paris-Orly which is also nearby.

For all these reasons and for its great quality of life, Val d’Europe is ideally suited for hosting major international companies – in fact, more than 1,000 new companies have settled here in the past 15 years, at an average of 4 per week in the 1st half of 2007!

What are your projects in France?

In this context, our priority is to constantly imagine, create and innovate new ways to grow the resort while actively participating in the economic development of Val d'Europe. Beyond the resort, there is a great deal of real estate development potential. Every company that sets up in Val d’Europe can be sure to find premises and services made to fit their needs, with a diversified offer that will accompany their expansion and continue to make Val d’Europe a great place to live, work and play.
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