Tim Horton-Mastin

Managing Director France, Sales & Marketing, FedEx France

Why did you chose to set up in France?

One of the main reasons for us setting up in this area is France’s proximity to over 450 million potential consumers and its importance as an economy in its own right.

There are a number of different reasons which persuaded us to choose France, specifically the air, road and rail networks here in the Ile de France region. With air, we have Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG Airport); with the rail network, we have the high speed train network; and we also have the motorway network, which gives us access to all the different markets in close proximity to France. 

What are your upcoming projects?

As we look to the next five to 10 years of FedEx here in France, what we are planning on doing is to create a multi-modal network, utilising the different infrastructures that I mentioned earlier. In that way, we will be able to take freight containers that arrive from international origins and transport them all around Europe using the high-speed rail network. One of the things this will allow us to continue to do is to provide access to our French customers to the markets that they choose to sell into around the world.
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