Frederic Turner

VP Managing Director, Genzyme France


Why have you decided to set up business in France?

We are in the healthcare industry and France has a long established tradition of traditional healthcare. Lyon is the second largest city in France, in the Alps kind of region, and created the first biocluster in France, where local authorities, health authorities, hospitals and industrialists are united in creating tomorrow’s healthcare.
The industry of the future is an industry of innovation and creativity. The education system in France is one of the best in the world and the healthcare system there is the very best in the world according to the World Health Organization. So that is what we came for – brains. That is what we have in France. 

What are your upcoming projects in France?

Genzyme is a very unprejudiced company; it just goes for good research generally.  That is what can be found here. We have a strong partnership culture, so we will be developing any type of partnership you can imagine in the world of healthcare, whether it be with fellow industry, French research or young French biotech companies.
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