Monday, April 29, 2013

Anders Bay

Business Development Executive Vestergaard

Anders Bay tells us why Vestergaard chose to open its new office in France. Vestergaard is a Danish manufacturing company that specializes in making equipment for the aviation industry. With their new office in the Paris region, they hope to gain new customers due to Paris' position as a major airport hub.

What is Vestergaard’s main business?
Vestergaard is a Danish manufacturing company that specializes in making equipment for the aviation industry. Our plants are one hour from Copenhagen. We mainly produce winter de-icing products for planes, but we also provide toilet and water supply services for this niche sector.
Why did you choose France?
We have a lot of customers in France, especially at Paris‑Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle international airports, but also in regional airports. We established a sales and service office not far from Paris a couple of months ago. We wanted to set up business in France to be closer to our clients and offer them a better service, but we also hope to gain new customers since Paris is a major airport hub.
How did the Invest in France Agency help you?
The Invest in France Agency was very useful and provided us with a lot of information when we started to consider setting up in France. This gave us background information about doing business in France and enabled us to overcome the clichés that we had about employment law for instance. They also gave us practical assistance – for instance on potential sites, which helped us to decide whether the project was viable – as well as contacts with local and regional partners who also helped us find a location for our office.
What advice would you give to a company interested in investing in France?
I would recommend that they be patient and not to expect things to be the same as in Nordic countries. France works in a very different way and it can seem complicated at first, but it’s a very interesting market and we expect to reap a lot of benefits from our new site!
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